Media Kit

Welcome to the Press Kit of EtwasGenuss. Here you’ll find all relevant information about my work and of course, also stats.

Socials & Contact

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What is „EtwasGenuss“?

„EtwasGenuss“ roughly translates to „a little bit of joy“ and is a YouTube channel focussing on cigars, spirits, coffee, tea, and all things that can bring a little joy into our lives. It was founded by me, Martin, and not only includes a YouTube channel, but also socials, a Facebook group, a Discord server, and a podcast.

The mission of EtwasGenuss is to provide guidance, information, and a bit of entertainment for the topics mentioned earlier. Our focus is also on providing somewhat of a helping hand to beginners, separating facts from opinion, while still keeping an eye on tradition and educating about the history of things.

YouTube Statistics

(as of May 2024)

Monthly Views: 35,000+

Total views: 520.000+

Subscribers: 3085

Social Statistics

(as of May 2024)

Instagram: 1035 Followers

Facebook group: 800+ Members

Podcast Statistics 

(as of May 2024)

Monthly downloads: 750+
Monthly listeners: 400

Brand Assets

You can download the logo kit right here. Please don’t hesitate to reach out if you need anything else.